Best Klein Tools RT250 GFCI Receptacle Tester with LCD

The New Klein Tools RT250 GFCI Receptacle Tester with LCD. Is this the Best new tester out there? How does it have features of a $300 tester? Will it replace the old-style plug-in testers? So many new features on Kleins new tester that might surprise you. I’m plugging it in today!
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0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Overview / Other testers give false readings
4:00 – Testing outlets Good and Bad
9:30 – Testing GFCI and their response time
10:20 – Klein’s sneaky little extra feature in this device *
11:40 – Outro =fun stuff

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______________________ INFO ______________________________________________

The RT250 is an electrical circuit tester that tests the wiring conditions at an electrical outlet and inspects GFCI devices. The LCD displays the voltage, the wire fault, and the GFCI time to trip breaker. * It is designated for use with North American 120V electrical outlets.
* California residents
* GFCI Receptacle Tester features an LCD readout of voltage and wiring faults
* LCD readout of time to trip breaker
* Detect and identify common wiring faults
* Inspect and test GFCI devices
* CAT II 135V safety rating
* Durable 6.6-Foot (2 m) drop protection
* For North American 120V electrical outlets

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